If you have a pool, then you know how time-consuming pool maintenance can be. For example, if you forget to check the levels, it can easily snowball into a major problem. That’s where Mitchell managed pool maintenance really shines. We can take the burden of pool maintenance off your hands so you have more time to enjoy your pool. Our service ensures your pool stays clean and levels remain constant while your free time increases!

Managed Pool Maintenance Benefits

Think about the benefits of never having to worry about your pool’s maintenance anymore. No more pool parties ruined with cloudy water or broken pumps—because we have you covered. We maintain your pools chemical levels, routinely check pump conditions and clean your pool on a regular schedule you choose. You don’t have to lift a finger to enjoy a sparkling clean pool anytime you want.

Our managed pool maintenance helps ensure that your pool is properly taken care of and avoids algae build up as well. Algae build-up clogs filters which then creates a chemical imbalance in your pool water. However, it also helps to detect smaller problems before they can evolve into a major repair. It really is the best way to ensure your pool lasts for a lifetime without added stress.

What We Do For Your Pool

We will service your pool with care once a week, once a month or whatever schedule works best for you. Whether it’s raining, freezing, or 106° with 90% humidity—we will be there keeping your pool in optimal shape. The only time service is somewhat interrupted is for thunder and lightning. Our pool technicians cannot have metal tools in their hands for safety. This means on some calls we may not be able to brush, vacuum or skim. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t still empty all baskets as well as bring the chemical levels in range.

We also check your skimmers, pumps and other pool equipment on every call. This is a very important component of our managed pool maintenance package. A pool has many parts that work together to give you the enjoyment you get from a well-managed pool. Consistently monitoring the operation of each of these parts and keeping them in shape helps avoid costly failures.

Know Your Pool’s Filtration System

The mechanics of pool mainly center around the filtration system. Many of our customers love the pools we create for them but have no idea how the filtration system works. Do you? Your pool’s filtration system is the lifeline that keeps your pool from turning into a nasty cesspool. It keeps water moving, helps remove debris from the water, and contributes to algae control. Trying to maintain a filtration system on your own can be quite a task if you don’t know the mechanics. Even if you do, it can be quite tedious to check all the moving parts on a regular basis.

Pool Filtration 101

A skimmer does exactly what the word itself entails—it skims the top of the water for debris. A properly designed pool will have at least two strategically placed skimmer drains. They are located around the top of the pool usually on opposite walls. They work just like the main drain does except they suck the water from the top to filter out debris.

These ports along the pool wall connect to a pool vacuum cleaner. It works just like a regular vacuum cleaner except it sucks debris out of the water that has settled to the bottom.

The water in your pool is in a constant loop. Water flow is from the main drains at the bottom of your pool to your filter. Drains are normally located at the deepest part of the pool and must be kept clear.

The water pump is what makes the flow possible it circulates the water and keeps everything moving. The motor is a dry component of the pump and is what makes the impeller work. The impeller is what pushes the water through the drains and inlets.

The filter is where smaller particles that the skimmer cannot trap are filtered out of the water returning to the pool via the inlets. Filters are made of a porous material that is dense enough to trap contaminants but still allows water to flow.

A pool heater is an optional component that allows year-round enjoyment of your pool by heating the water in winter. The way it works is by generating heat passed through a heat exchanger and into the water pulled from your pool. The heated water is then pushed back out as more water is being pulled in to be heated.

Surface Cleaning And Algae Control

One of the hardest parts of pool maintenance is controlling algae and keeping the pool surface clean. If your pool has gotten out of control and turned green—we can restore it. In fact, we can eliminate most types of algae growth that are keeping you from enjoying your pool.

What Causes Algae In Houston Swimming Pools?

Algae are an aquatic species of creatures that multiply quickly on warm, sunshine-filled days. Houston, being a near-tropical climate zone is a perfect breeding ground. Since algae contain chlorophyll it needs photosynthesis the sun provides to grow. While algae can grow in the shade in other bodies of water, most strains found in pools need sunlight.

Algae also need food to survive and just about any speck of debris in pool water can feed algae sufficiently. The more a pool is used the more food supply algae has. Algae is always in pools both clean and dirty, the difference is whether it has the chance to bloom. When it blooms it grows rapidly from a harmless microscopic size to a size that is visible. This is why you see green “mold” looking substance along the pool wall and cloudy water.

How Our Managed Pool Maintenance Prevents Algae

A lack of good water flow, dirty filtration systems, and unsanitary conditions are the most common cause of pool algae. It stems from a lack of routine maintenance and cleaning. With our managed pool maintenance, we are on top of things with your pool. We are constantly cleaning out the skimmers, changing pool filters, testing chemical levels and balancing the pH level. Consequently, these proactive measures prevent algae thus prolonging the life of your pool as well.

Need Pool Repairs?

Sometimes, in our routine maintenance of your pool, we may come across equipment that is actually causing a problem. While a pool structure itself can last a lifetime with proper care and upkeep, mechanical parts do breakdown.  Some of the most common repairs we get called out for can save your pool if spotted early.

Pool Equipment Repair & Service

We perform all variations of pump, filter, and skimmer repair and replacement. These are the parts that tend to wear out the most often because they do the most work. If you notice your pool gets dirty after cleaning only a couple of days prior—it may be a sign of part failure.

Pool Lighting Repair & Service

There’s nothing like a cool night swim once the Texas sun has retired for the day. And a good night swim is enhanced by proper pool lighting. Over time, pool lights much like car headlights, can build up a film and get cloudy. This dulls the light output and over time can significantly affect visibility at night. Our pool lighting restoration and replacement can make your pool shine at night again. In fact, we can even upgrade your lighting while we’re at it. We can add smart lighting allowing you to control lighting from your phone or with devices like the Amazon Echo.

Leak & Crack Repair

Pool water evaporates and that’s to be expected in the hot Texas heat of summer—and pretty much year-round. However, if you are losing more than two inches of water a week—you likely have a leak.

There’s no reason to panic, however, there’s also plenty of reason to act quickly. A leak can be very costly if it spreads—and eventually, it will. A small pool leak left unrepaired can destroy an entire pool, even cause it to sink or cave in.

We can take care of leaks both big and small, underground or within the pool plumbing. Our pool techs are properly certified and bonded. Don’t let a little leak become one big problem when you can mitigate further damage.

Managed Pool Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Costly Repairs

While repairs on pool equipment will be inevitable, you can be prepared for them with our managed pool maintenance program. You will avoid surprise problems because we can tell you when a part is nearing its life cycle. This allows you to prepare for that type of expense. Also, we can spot leaks and trouble spots before they become huge issues. Contact us today and see how we keep your pool beautiful for as long as you own it.