If you’ve never owned a pool before and have finally made the decision to make that dive—we are here for you.  Making the decision to invest in a pool is hard, we understand that. Deciding on the design of your pool is even harder. You are literally designing an investment with whichever Houston pool builders you choose, that will be a part of your home for a lifetime and that can put some undue pressure on you.

Quality New Pool Construction Takes Time To Do It Right

Patience is often one of the other things that are hard for most clients and puts a lot of pressure on them. New pool construction is comprised of many different steps that must be completed to perfection. If it’s rushed or shortcuts are taken the whole project becomes muddled and possibly unstable. Many clients misunderstand the length of time that new pool construction takes. Likely, this is due to the rise of home improvement shows on HGTV, DIY and other media outlets. In those shows, you are seeing a condensed time-lapse of new pool construction meant to fit within a limited time format.

The reality is, that even with the best custom pool builders (us, of course!)—your realistic expectations should be seeing us working on your pool for a minimum of six weeks depending on the complexity and size of the pool design you have created as well as external factors beyond our control.

Weather Interruptions With New Pool Construction

We, like other Houston pool builders, are also subject to the whims of the unpredictable Houston weather. Systems like torrential downpours and tropical storms can severely delay construction even days after passing through. For example, your backyard might flood while in the excavation stage of your new pool construction. Consequently. it might be days after the storm before the ground is dry enough to safely continue. The ground has to be dry enough for safe excavation with the heavy equipment that is needed.

Permit And City Timeframes

As we all know, from local to federal, most government agencies work at a much slower, less efficient pace than the average company can get away with in the real world. When undergoing new pool construction in Houston, the 4th largest city in the US—permits are often one of the most frustrating aspects for Houston pool builders. It can delay a project for one day or as much as a week in extreme government slowdowns. Since we can’t control that, what we do is try to have a contingency for those possible delays and always keep you informed throughout the entire process so that you are fully in the loop. After all, it is your project and we are here to serve you. 

Materials Logistics

We didn’t get to be one of the most respect custom pool builders in Houston by not being prepared and on top of our workflow. We make it a point to keep in stock the universal materials we use most often such as:

  • Plaster
  • Pebble Tec
  • Flagstone
  • Pumps & Jets
  • LED Lighting
  • Beadcrete

And many more of the most common requested materials used in clients pool designs. The reason we do this is because of the logistics of getting many of these materials relies heavily on availability from suppliers as well as freight companies as some pieces such as waterfall features, diving rocks, and flagstone decking are very cumbersome and take up a lot of freight space. 

When we design your pool with your input we make sure to check availability of the materials you are requesting and we let you know what we have on hand, and if there are any materials you have chosen that are special order or are out of stock from the supplier. Once again, we believe communication is the difference between a frustrating pool project and a fulfilling one.

Relax—Our Pools Are Custom Designed For A Lifetime Of Enjoyment

We’ve been doing this for years, we just like to be upfront with each and every client and let them know a realistic time frame when building pools in Houston—it leaves no room for surprises and unrealistic expectations.

What we can guarantee you, however, is a pool that will have your vision and handprint woven throughout the entire design. It will be an oasis in your backyard that you can come home from a long day at work and escape into another world.

When you invest in a Mitchell custom pool, you get to decide what shape pool you want, what extra features should be included, and the color scheme of your new pool. 

When you control your new pools design, you truly get a pool that is centered around your idea of a personal paradise, not just a place to swim—you can get a cheap above ground pool for that.

But you don’t want that. You are here because you want so much more than a cheap above ground pool that looks out of place, and because you’re investing in your home and adding value to it. Homes with pools have a much better chance of selling than homes without, and homes with unique custom pools fare even better on the market. So how do you make your pool stand out from the rest?

At Mitchell Custom Pools—We Listen To What You’re Not Saying

When you speak to one of our pool consultants to schedule a home visit with one of our expert designers. We ask you a few quick questions and then we do what most custom pool builders forget to do—we listen to you; actively listen to be specific. 

Sure you can tell us you want to be able to play volleyball in the pool, or you love music and want to have a hot tub near your outdoor speakers, or you have bad knees and are concerned about getting in and out of the pool— and we can just listen and act on that. However, what we do is we listen to the need you aren’t necessarily vocalizing that is behind those requests.

For example, if you want to be able to hear your music in the hot tub, why be limited where your hot tub can be when we can build a rock feature around the hot tub and integrate speakers that connect to your existing outdoor audio system. 

Instead of just making a rectangle pool with extra room on the deck for an unsightly portable volleyball net, we integrate a flush pole mounting into the decking that is easily removed when not in use and not limited to pool shape either.

Do you have bad knees? Instead of steps with a simple handrail that is not the most stylish, we can design a zero-degree entry that is just like going to the beach, easy on the knees and looks like a resort hotel pool. 

Design Your Own Private Oasis With Mitchell Custom Pools

Can you envision your personal oasis now? It really is as simple as you telling us what you want to use your pool for and how you want your pool to make you feel, we’ll take the reins from there and use our experience to design the pool you are envisioning.  So, don’t worry if you don’t have a grand vision for your outdoor oasis—that’s not a problem. 

When one of our design specialists comes out to evaluate your space, they will match what you want out of a pool with similar designs from our stylebook that fits your available space. This gives is a foundation from which we can then customize to your liking so that your pool is truly your own creation—we just help you get there.

Once you’ve zeroed in on design, features, and options, the designer will give you a 3-D rendering of your new pool so you can see the fruits of your vision. The rendering will also come with the quote for the cost of the build. All you need to do is accept the quote, sign the simple construction and purchase agreement—and we will create your personal oasis right in your own backyard. 

Contact us today and let the number one builder of custom pools in Houston make our next masterpiece—yours.