Has the pool that has given you many years of enjoyment begun to look outdated and has lost its charm? We can make it feel new again with one of our award-winning pool remodels. We are not only one of the top new custom pool builders in Houston and the surrounding area. We also bring old and worn pools back to life that look like new creations.

Pool Remodels For All Budgets
Maybe you need a simple project done like replacing the tile, coping, and plaster. You might even want a completely brand-new backyard oasis. Either way, we are the experts in custom pool remodels and resurfacing.

Additionally, if you want to add features such as waterfalls or grottos, we can build to match your current pool.  We also can resize your pool if you want something a bit bigger but don’t want to start over.

In addition to resizing, many of our clients even want to change the shape of their pool. We can accommodate those requests with exact precision.

Conversely, you may just want to change some accents or secondary features. We have many modern accessories in lighting, sound, and convenience at our disposal. We can have your pool whisked into the 21st century to catch up with the times.

Whatever it is you want to change about your pool—we can do it so seamlessly that it will look like a new build. In fact, there are so many things we can do to give your pool a makeover, just have a look.

Pool Remodels Objective: Enhancing The Pool Experience

If you want your pool to stand out from the rest of the mundane cookie-cutter pools— turn to enhancements. Adding some enhancements can really help in both subtle and major ways. You don’t always have to go with full pool remodeling. Even the smallest enhancements or pool features can make your pool look like a brand-new design. Adding enhancements and features to your pool make it more enjoyable, but it can also add value to your home.

Water Features

You can add quite a few water features to your pool that can change the entire atmosphere in your backyard. We can seamlessly integrate water features into your pool creating a new space for you to enjoy every day. The choice of water features varies greatly but some of the most often requested features are:

  • Waterfalls – Add the soothing sound of a creative waterfall made of natural stones.
  • Bubbler Fountains – Bubbler Fountains, located typically in the shallow end are great for kids!
  • Deck Jets – Create majestic streams of water shooting over your pool while keeping the pool cool as well.
  • Water Slides – A favorite of all kids, these aren’t the water slides you grew up with. Embedded into the landscape they blend seamlessly into the overall landscape and create hours of fun.

Add a Hot Tub

One of the most often overlooked options on a first-time pool build is a hot tub. Whether due to budget or thinking it won’t be used as much, many people regret not getting one. A hot tub can actually improve your health in numerous ways, it’s not just for leisure. A majority of the pool remodels in Conroe are hot tub add-ons.

Hydrotherapy works due to three main healing components; heat, massage (from jets), and pressure relief from buoyancy. A hot tub combines all three giving you an experience that is not only healthy but relaxing as well.

A hot tub pairs well with your daily workout recovery routine as well. Water is pure and very basic, yet it can do so many things. It can be gentle and cleanse or it can be powerful and cut huge canyons out of a rock. When used in a hot tub it can help relieve joint pain, muscle cramps, back trouble, and stress. There isn’t anyone who can’t benefit from the therapeutic qualities that a hot tub can bring to the table.

Add Resistance Jets

In addition to hot tubs, resistance jets are another great way to use your pool to stay healthy. You can turn your pool into a workout machine on its own. Resistance jets provide a current that you swim against to effectively make your pool “endless.” Swimming is a perfect workout for your entire body that people of all ages can engage in. Not only is your core worked but every muscle group is included and you are getting cardio in.

Pool Remodels Objective: Changing The Ambiance

One of the best ways to upgrade your pool is to add features that add to the ambiance of the pool itself. You have many options that can add to the ambiance of the pool and also the surrounding area. Consequently, you might be surprised to see how much of a difference a little ambiance boost can make.

Pool Lighting

Pool design has come such a long way from the two boring dome lights in the average pool. Now, lighting design is a very customizable, well-thought-out design aspect of pool construction. Proper lighting design can take your pool’s appeal up several notches, especially with new LED lighting and fiber optic lighting.

When designing your pool’s lighting, it is important to factor in the many characteristics of your pool and surrounding area. Your pool’s shape, the finish, the accent tiles, the landscape style, and the size of your yard make a difference. Different light sources will produce various shadows based on the surroundings so make sure to take these things into consideration.

Advances in lighting technology, specifically fiber-optic and LED lights, has had a huge impact on pool lighting design. Fiber-optic lights use side-emitting or end-emitting fiber-optic strands that transmit light from a remote source. These lights give a very unique soft and organic light effect. For example, fiber-optic lighting can be embedded into the wall of the pool under the coping. This effect gives a soft glow around the pool’s perimeter. If you wanted to really get creative, fiber-optics can be installed on the pool bottom in strategic patterns. Many customers like to mimic the constellations above for quite the exhilarating night swim.

LED lighting is another technology that has forever changed pool lighting for the better. LED lights are submersible and put off no heat so they can’t burn swimmers. They also last for very long periods of time and have a much higher intensity of light. Therefore, you actually get more value from your pool lights because of LED advances.


Deck Lighting

When you are trying to create a pleasing atmosphere around your pool, you need to consider where you will spend most of your time. Will you be swimming? Sitting by the firepit? Dining under the patio, or a combination? Your submerged lighting will spill over some illumination to the decking surrounding your pool. However, it is not enough to provide sufficient visibility nor does it give a proper feeling of comfort and style. Therefore, deck lighting is often added as a targeted light source to evenly light the deck in a subtle fashion.

Rather than just using direct lighting for the deck we can add targeted lighting as well. We can arrange it so that it is aimed at surround flower or rock beds. This method of placement will allow some light to spill on to your deck. It is good for a very subtle look that is less harsh and rigid than direct lighting. Also, when a tree hangs over the decking, strategically placed downlights can create a celestial light that mimics the moonlight.

Mitchell Pool Remodels: Love Your Pool Again

We understand that like any home décor, a pool can become outdated and lose that mystique it once had. We can get that “brand-new” mystique back and even add to it with our award-winning pool remodeling services. Let our custom pool design experience renovate your pool to a new level.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can change the way you look at your old pool.