If the pool that has given you many years of enjoyment is beginning to look outdated and has lost its charm—we can make it feel new again. We are not only one of the top new custom pool builders in Houston and the surrounding area— but we also bring old and worn pools back to life.

Not just back to life, we can even make your own pool look like a brand-new creation. Whether it’s a simple project like replacing the tile, coping, and plaster, or if we complete a completely brand-new backyard oasis—we are the experts in custom pool remodels and resurfacing. 

If you want to add new features such as waterfalls, spas, or grottos or if you even want to expand the size of your pool, we can do that too. Many of our clients even want to change the shape of their pool which we can accommodate with exact precision. We also have many modern accessories in lighting, sound, and convenience that can have your pool whisked into the 21st century to catch up with the times. 

Whatever it is you want to change about your pool—we can do it and we can even re-design it so seamlessly that you will never even know it is your old pool.